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We work together, as practitioners, to share our expertise, when you need it most. You can choose to see an individual therapist 1-to -1, or see us in combination, to ensure you get the optimal consultation and treatment to cover your needs.

To book an appointment, please contact individual practitioners via their contact details below. 

Carmen Catuti Vedic Meditation Teacher The Hague Den Haag

Vedic Meditation

Angela Ponce Psychologist EMDR Practitioner The Hague

Psychologist and EMDR

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Maharishi Ayurveda Europe

Mukesh Joshi Yoga Breathwork Breath Work Mindfulness Meditation Mens Circle The Hague Den Haag House for Positive Change

Yoga, Breathwork, Men's Circles

Alianna van Waalwijk Trauma Sensitive Yoga The Hage Den Haag House for Positive Change

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy


Certified Professional Life Coach

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HSP Coaching & Somatic Therapy

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Sandra is an accredited Homeopath and Reiki teacher, and founder of The Natural Health Centre. She spent four years studying at The School of Homeopathy in Stroud, UK, and completed a three year postgraduate course at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy in Ireland. She completed her Reiki practitioner and teacher training at the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.


She has also completed studies in Bach Flower Essences and Schuessler Tissue Salts which she uses alongside homeopathy and all of her energy medicine toolkit, to give her clients a truly healing transition. Sandra is passionate about teaching and empowering people to take control of their own health. She has been teaching Reiki for 10 years, and hosts regular Homeopathy First Aid workshops.


Sandra is registered with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten and her treatments are covered by Dutch and International health insurance.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Sandra Homeo Reiki Tissue Flower
Kairavi homeopathy

Kairavi is a Homeopathic Doctor from India, with many years of experience in clinical
homeopathic practice. She treats patients with  a vast range of acute and chronic symptoms, including respiratory complaints, digestive ailments, female disorders and allergic complaints.

She believes that every individual deserves good health and aims to contribute to this cause with her expert knowledge and experience.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Audrey Dickinson Nutrition The Hague

Audrey Dickinson


Audrey speaks
English and Dutch

Audrey is a qualified Nutritionist with a diploma in Nutritional Science & Therapeutics and Health Coaching from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH). She is also a registered member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI).

Originally from Scotland, she worked with many chefs and restaurants throughout her travels that solidified her diverse background in holistic health and nutrition. Her aim is to help her clients get to the root cause of iill health and educate them in creating colourful healthy and balanced meals.

Her ideal client and area of expertise lies in women’s health, fertility, and gut health.  Her most recent projects involve working with university students online, inspiring them through cooking and nutrition workshops.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Audrey Nutrition
Angela Ponce EMDR The Hague

EMDR Practitioner

Angela speaks
English and Portuguese

Angela Ponce is a psychologist and EMDR therapist from Brazil, based in the Netherlands since 2015. She works with Integrative, Psychosomatic and Trauma orientated Approaches. Her background in Western Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine allows her to have a better understanding of the human body thereby allowing her to have a holistic perspective and working on the whole person.


Her experience includes working with psychological difficulties and health related psychosomatic cases. She has a special interest in Anxiety, Depression, Sleep difficulties and Traumas. Angela is passionate about helping clients achieve better emotional well-being. Encouraging them to heal naturally and return to a state of mental balance, so they can enjoy a life full of harmony, purpose and happiness.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Angela Psych EMDR
Carmen Vedic Meditation
Carmen Catuti Meditation The Hague

Vedic Meditation

Carmen speaks
English, German and Romanian

Carmen was hooked on Vedic meditation from her very first session. Over the years,
the impact of this 5,000-year-old technique on her life was so profound that she
made the decision to leave her previous career and embark on the intensive two-
year program of becoming a meditation teacher.


She studied and graduated in India under the personal guidance of Thom Knoles, the preeminent master of Vedic knowledge.


Since then, her goal is to pass on this ancient knowledge in an honest, relevant, and accessible way. Her passion is to empower clients to make meditation personal in order for them to reap the numerous benefits of this simple and easy-to-follow meditation practice.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Adina Ciocoiu Gestalt Counselling The Hague

Gestalt Counsellor in training

Adina speaks
English and Romanian

Adina Ciocoiu is a Gestalt counsellor  in training.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, she has made her home in The Hague for over ten years. She loves the written and spoken word, nature walks and the freshness of new beginnings. Adina is fascinated by children’s curiosity and their contact with adults, parents, and the world around them. Multilingual and creative, she facilitates inclusive conversations and guides present moment relational co-creations. She offers Gestalt coaching and counselling sessions for adults that are faced with challenging emotional experiences.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Adina Gesalt
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Maharishi Ayurveda Europe

Archana speaks
English and Hindi

Archana started her Ayurveda education in 2009, obtaining a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and then becoming a Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda (Vachaspati), specialising in Internal Medicine.


She has been a resident hospital doctor seeing more than 120 patients daily, gaining valuable experience in disease and pathology, as well as working at her family practice, and founding her own successful clinic in Pune, India.


She works for Maharishi Ayurveda Europe and has been consulting and teaching in Europe since 2021, treating a wide range of hormonal diseases, thyroid and diabetes; obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol; skin complaints such as psoriasis; allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases; digestive symptoms; fertility and gynaecology including PCOS and menorrhagia; liver and kidney disorders; haemorrhoids; auto-immune diseases, joint pain, palliative cancer care, and stress, burnout and sleep problems.

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Archana Ayurveda
Alianna Trauma Sensitive Yoga PTSD The Hague

DeepRest Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Elianne speaks
English and Dutch

Elianne is connected to Yoga and Ayurveda in heart and soul. A life changing event marked the beginning of her lifelong inner journey. She has studied and teaches multiple forms of yoga and meditation. Yoga Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga are at the core of her practice. She has dedicated herself to help and support her clients to introduce (oftentimes simple to modest) changes in their day-to-day lives which will benefit their health and wellbeing.

Elianne leads retreats, workshops, immersions, trainings, and courses in and outside Netherlands. She works as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist from her own studio, at primary and secondary schools, companies, with GP’s and hospitals and travels to refugee camps and other places with concentrations of homeless and internally displaced people.


DeepRest Chair Yoga classes cost €9.50 per session, and take place as follows:

Tuesdays 18:30h - 19:30h

Wednesdays 09:30h - 10:30h

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Elianne Trauma Yoga
Mukesh Joshi

Yoga, Breathwork and
Men's Circles

Mukesh speaks
English, Dutch and Hindi

Coming from Rishikesh, India -the Yoga Capital of the world- Mukesh was infatuated with the principles of yogic life from his birth. His ancestors were great authentic yoga practitioners and provided him with the platform in which he could root his own practice. Physical practice has always been an important part of Mukesh’s life. Growing up on the bank of the Ganges River amidst the magnificent Himalayas, he was destined to become a White Water and Mountain guide. But, in his search for authenticity in life he started moving into the practice of yoga. It showed him how to combine modern physical practices with the principles and traditions of the ancient Indian philosophy into which he was born and raised.

Mukesh’s greatest passion is organising and leading retreats. Many years of experience in this specialist field have brought him to the finest level of being able to carefully design unique adventures in the wild which brings the best out of people.

Train Your Breath classes cost €9.50 per session, and take place as follows:

Tuesdays 19:30h - 20:30h
Wednesdays 10:30h - 11:30h

To book, and to see fees, please see individual therapist's website.

Mukesh Yoga Bodyfit

Certified Professional Life Coach

As a certified life coach and emotional intelligence trainer, Sinziana helps brave women connect with themselves and others by assisting them to navigate through change and find peace.

Her vision is to create a safe space for women when they are going through pain, frustration or anxiety while experiencing a big change. Sinziana offers women the support that she lacked and longed for when going through difficult times.

Only by understanding oneself and the things that hold us back, are people able to shake things up in their relationships and career. She aims to support women in their journey and offer guidance so that they have the confidence to follow their purpose in life.


Chungmei 2_edited.jpg

HSP Coaching & Somatic Therapy

Chungmei speaks Dutch, English & Spanish

Chungmei is Dutch, has Chinese roots and lives in The Hague. With Orchid of Life ~ HSP Coaching & Breathwork Chungmei guides highly sensitive people to process their trauma's; transforming sadness, anger, fear, guilt, shame, disappointment so they are able to feel and act upon their inner power, natural self-esteem and intuition. 

She uses a variety of coaching tools to support personal growth on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Coaching and somatic therapy consists of breathwork, Neuro Linguistic Programming on a Master level, Provocative Coaching, Social Panorama, Mental Space Psychology, Somatic Experiencing and Access Bars.

Her experience includes helping clients to recover from burn-out, narcissistic abuse, inner critic, low self esteem, unhealthy relationships, releasing anger and psychosomatic symptoms.


Logo Natural Health Centre - The Hague

Holistic Therapist or Teacher?
Engaging speaker?
Workshop facilitator?

Are you interested in joining our passionate team of highly qualified and professional holistic therapists?  Or would you like to offer a class, workshop or speaking event that you think would benefit the health of our community? Perhaps you would like to join our monthly free speaker programme, giving something back to the community, to make good health accessible to everyone?

At The Hague Natural Health Centre we are a close knit team - a family of therapists - who work closely together to provide each individual client with the best possible combination of therapies to suit their needs and person journey back to health.

If you have a holistic therapy,  workshop or event that you would like to positively contribute to our community, then get in touch with us, and we look forward to chatting with you.

"I was in so much pain and couldn’t get an appointment with the chiropractor so I decided to try reiki. I was barely sleeping because the pain was so intense. After just one session, I slept for more than twelve hours! I now schedule sessions with Sandra regularly!"

Testimonial from Lisa

Lucy, Devon

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